Christmas Card Greetings Collection

Christmas is here again, that time of year when we show those we love just how much we care. It’s not always about Christmas gifts though. Sometimes, the greatest gift we can receive on Christmas is the love of those we care about the most , the time well spent together and the warm words shared with one another.

Here is a list of warm Christmas Card Greetings Collection that you can write on your Christmas cards so you can share the cheer of this special time of year.

1. Though you’re far away from me this year
I’d like to share the spirit,
of Christmas cheer to you my dear,
I hope I can be with you next year.

2. May your gifts surprise you
And your hearts be warm
May everything be wonderful
Merry Christmas to you all!

3. It’s Christmas again and a time to rejoice.
May you smile all the while as you bask in the glow,
of the Christmas tree lights and the presents on show.
Though we may not be there to share the good times,
Merry Christmas to you and to all a good time!

4. We may not be together for Christmas this year
but in my heart and spirit you’ll surely be here.
We’ve had some great Christmases over the years
and it won’t be the same without you,
but I’ll always be thinking of you.
Merry Christmas!

5. I hope Santa answers your wishes this year
and fills up your stocking with presents and cheer.
Make merry, eat turkey and most of all,
have a very Merry Christmas this year!

6. It’s that time of year when the best present of all is being near those you treasure the most. To you, my friend at this most special of times, a Merry Christmas and a fun filled New Year!

7. You’ve been a great friend to me over the years and though there are many things I’d love to see under my Christmas Tree, your friendship is the best present of all. Merry Christmas and I hope Santa brings you something nice this year.

8. We’ve had some great times at this time of the year, nice presents and dinners and laughter to boot. What makes a great Christmas for me every time is to be here with you as a family, to cherish, to share and to dine. Merry Christmas!

9. Merry Christmas mom and dad. We’ve had many together and shared some great times but the best Christmas gift for me isn’t the one under the tree, it’s the people I love the most in this world, and that’s you!

10. Christmas for some is all about the gifts,
For others it can be the wine
And sometimes, it’s about the turkey
But for me, Christmas is the time
When my family is near
It’s about those I cherish
and hold most dear.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

11. Merry Christmas to you on this wonderful day. I just wanted to take the time to write this card to you and say, what a wonderful grandparents you’ve been and I hope that this Christmas, your wishes and your dreams are granted. I may be far away from you today but know that in my heart, you are here to stay. I will try my best to be with you next Christmas. I love you!

12. To my grandparents dear, at this special time of year.
From past until present as each Christmas draws near,
I think of you fondly and remember the times that we shared,
us together again, one big family.
Merry Christmas and a magical New year to you!

13. Santa draws near, delivering his presents, goodwill and much cheer and his delightful, jovial presence. I’m hoping this year that he drops off something special, to you my dear grandma and grandpa. May your Christmas be a great one!

14. You’ve put up with me till this point, I hope you’ll understand, that Christmas time reminds me dear of who I treasure most. You’re on my Christmas wish list so, don’t let my stocking lay, half empty or with nothing in. Merry Christmas to you my love, on this special day.

15. Merry Christmas my wife, my treasure, my flame. We’ve made it this far and it’s Christmas again. Though I know I’ve been good and deserve something nice, you are my most precious gift and I hope you feel likewise!

16. Christmas comes round once a year, a time for family and a time to hold dear. With you at my side I don’t need any presents, just to be with you my dear and to bask in your presence. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

17. My husband, this Christmas I’m grateful for you. Since we met there’s been nothing better than being with you. Now, here we are with that Christmas spirit, the light and the tree and the wine and the spirits. But all of that, is nothing without you to share it with me, my husband, my love, my everything.

18. It’s Christmas I know and a time when we show, our love for our parents, our families and loved ones. But this year I’m with you and I don’t need a present, just to be by your side is my idea of Christmas heaven.

19. When this time comes around and there’s love in the air, you’re the best Christmas gift I could get, this I swear. Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year, each day spent with you is a Christmas beyond compare. I love you so much honey.

20. Merry Christmas my love. May this Christmas bring to you the joy and the smiles that you’ve given me in abundance. You’re my present waiting under the tree, my stocking filled and overflowing. You’re all I want this Christmas time for now and forever.

21. Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year. When we got together, I didn’t know how, I’d found someone special like you, I was proud. But then it was Christmas with the lights and the trees and I knew it was Santa who has done all this…a Christmas gift come early.

22. Merry Christmas to one, to all and their family at this wonderful time as we gather for Christmas. May this day be a good one, when dreams come alive and we cherish each other as we celebrate life.

Make someone you love smile this Christmas by giving a beautiful Christmas gift with a Christmas card and a Christmas greeting worth keeping. Merry Christmas to all!

Hope you will like the Christmas Card Greetings Collection.