Some Broken Hearts Never Mend

This is truly a sad poem entitled Some broken hearts never mend and you can read from the poem how terrible it is to have one’s heart be broken by another. This heart broken love poem is actually a story about a girl who has loved a man who betrayed her.

The girl managed to heal and didn’t lose hope. She has let herself fall in love with a  man who she thought would be hers forever. It didn’t turn quite as expected for the man just left her. He just simply gave up.

Being broken once again, she doesn’t know how to pick up the pieces of what is left of her. Now she is afraid of falling in love again. She would rather stay single and be alone than love but be hurt once again.

Some Broken Hearts Never Mend

I have loved and have given my all

He tried his best to love me with all his soul

Maybe we weren’t meant to be

Maybe it wasn’t our destiny

I have loved again this time with guarded heart

But all I did was break his heart

He turned his back on me

There is no resolution but to flee

I don’t know if I can love again

Maybe some broken hearts just never mend

If loving means to endure the pain

I’d rather not love, I’d rather end

Some hearts are just never meant

to stay together

Some broken hearts never mend

and remain the same forever

Very sad isn’t  it? I just hope one day, she will be able to find her way back into love once again because there’s nothing more beautiful than being in love. No one should just really give up on love. Everyone is here because of love. We live because of love. Hatred, grudges, indifference and all the negative aspects of a failed relationship – these are the things that kill us. Love will eventually help us heal. We just really have to negate our thoughts that some broken hearts never mend. All broken hearts heal in due time.