Sad Broken Heart Poem

This may sound so cliche but it’s true. Each time your heart breaks, it feels like it is the end of the world. It becomes the saddest feeling you could ever feel. It’s like your whole world just crumbles around and you don’t know what piece to pick first so you can start a whole new life once again.

The thought of being left behind is so powerful that it exhausts you from every inch of energy that is left of you and everything just doesn’t seem to make sense anymore. It’s like giving your everything to someone who left you and took everything with him when he left.

He who brought back everything that I missed

He who picked me, every little piece and fixed

He who lifted me up when everything just torn apart

He who has granted all the wishes of my heart

He who I thought will not turn his back on me

He who I thought until the end will fight for me

He who I thought won’t break his promises

He who I thought won’t leave me for my mess

What seems to be a one true love in the midst of false hope and betrayal

What seems to be a healing love in a world of torment and dismal

Has made me love and lost and love once again

Only to be left behind to be broken once again…

So that’s my sad broken heart poem. So sad isn’t it? To be loved after being being broken for quite some time. And then you will be left again, broken again. And you won’t have any choice but to start all over again. This time without anyone who will want to fix you. This time, you will no longer need any man to come near you. This time, you need to be strong without anyone picking you up and fixing everything for you. There’s no one else but you. And you have to do it all by yourself.