Quotes to Mend a Broken Heart

Breakups can really be so painful. There’s no doubt about it. And when your heart is broken, it is really quite impossible to love again, to trust once again, to take that risk of getting hurt once again.

I have written a few quotes to mend a broken heart hoping that they can be of some help in your realization that yes, heartbreaks heal. :)

Quotes to mend a BROKEN HEART

  1. Time is too slow for someone who wants to mend a  broken heart.
  2. Forgive those who hurt you but more importantly, forgive yourself for allowing them to hurt you.
  3. Letting go is not giving up. Letting go is realizing that you were holding on to the wrong person for far too long.
  4. You just got to tell yourself that this breakup was long overdue. You were the only one holding on for quite some time now. He wasn’t even there anymore.
  5. You will know that you have finally moved on when you realize how much time you have wasted crying over nonsense.
  6. And then I realized I should not be bothering myself planning and thinking about the things I’ll do in the future when I see my ex. Happy thoughts, vindictive plans? Whatever they are, they are no longer worth it.
  7. There are things in life that just slip away no matter how hard we want them to stay and we just really have to deal with it.
  8. Do you know why our hearts break? It’s because when we fall in love, we bare too much of our soul and we expose our inner selves with the expectation that they will accept us for who we are. And when they don’t, it simply tears us down.
  9. You might feel that as you get more heartbreaks, your desire to find the perfect one for you gets less and less. But the truth is, you just really have to be brave – to love again – to simply love again and again and again.
  10. Don’t apologize for being who you are. Someone out there is more than happy to find you and be with someone like you.
  11. When you are used to talking to someone almost every minute of everyday, it is really hard when the time comes when you have to stop talking. But just like getting  used to talking to him everyday, one day, you will get used to not talking to him as well.
  12. Mend your broken heart. It is not really worth crying for. You don’t want that bastard seeing you like a god damn loser, do you?

So that’s it. 12 quotes to mend a broken heart. I hope this helps you move on. The only thing your friends, your family and everyone else in your support group can do is to inspire and motivate you. It is still all up to you. You just really have to fight and never give up. :)

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