Love Makes Us Happy

In life, we meet a lot of people to love, but in the end, there’s only one who can truly make us happy.

Life is nothing but a long journey. Easy as it seems, it is too difficult to understand. You meet a lot of people everyday but your special someone is always the one whom you could love, sacrifice everything and even die for.

There will always be the one whom you will always love. No matter where time takes you. He will always remain in your heart. No matter what happens, this special person always make you feel different. He will stand unique in the crowd of millions and millions of men who crosses by your side everyday. In this brutal world of ours, that special someone is rare.

When you think of him, you will always remember the happy moments you both have spent together. That special person is nothing but a miracle that will come into your life from nowhere and show you what it is to be loved and shower your life with happiness when you feel tired and when hurt on the roads of life.

If you fall down, he will always stand by your side. He will be the one whom you trust with everything because you believe that he will always fight for you. You will never forget him and he will always remain safe in your heart. He will know everything even if you don’t tell him anything at all. You will be so close to him that even a smile will make up the whole day.

Your special someone is one among the millions and he will always wait for you. You don’t have to find him. Love will find a way to lead you to him.