Love is the Essence of Life

Quotes About Love

Love is the essence of life. Without love, life is purely an existence.

Since time immemorial, it has been hard to give love a single definition. That is why many definitions and love quotes have been used to express it. For me, love is the essence of life. Without love, life is purely an existence.

Love has been classified as the most powerful emotion known to man. Nobody has really been able to put into writing exactly what love feels like and only expressions are used.

It is a wonderful feeling and once in love, people do even what is deemed impossible under normal circumstances. This makes it a fact that life becomes more meaningful when there is love.

In the Bible great men fell in love and all else became less important to them leading to either their rise or downfall.

Love is a variety of emotions, attitudes and feelings and it is applied differently to different people depending on the prevailing situation. It could be sexual, divine, parental, divine or platonic. The compassion and affection can be shown to fellow human beings and animals.

Day to day life involves interacting with different personalities and being in various situations. It is literally impossible to mingle with people and display only negative emotions. That is why it is safe to say that without love for others, one can only exist which means living miserably.

A world without love would be a terrible place to live in. The need to love and be loved has seen people cross oceans and climb mountains. Love knows no limits and lack of it has led to some people taking their own lives or the lives of those who deny it to them.

It has been said that he who does not love does not know God and it is totally agreeable.