Heart Broken Quotations

Heartbreak is never that easy. I have read a lot of heart broken quotations and one of them was something like, “it’s easier to heal skinned knees than to fix a broken heart”.

And this is one OF the heart broken quotations that is exactly what I am feeling right now. Physical pain is totally different from the pain you feel inside. It can really torn you apart and break your heart.

So I thought of just letting it all out and put into writing every feeling I have right at the moment. I have written a list of heart broken quotations that you can ponder on and relate to.

Heart Broken Quotations

1. He has taken away the only dream I had. That broke my heart and it remained such for a long time. Why?  Because when you love and you create dreams that eventually will be taken away from you, it feels like a part of you dies and it takes time before you can finally dream again.

2. Change is something we hate when we are on our comfort zone. You are my comfort zone. And then you left.

3. How can I move forward if I can’t let go of the fact that I’m still in love with you? How can I stop myself from loving you?

4. For a long time, we had what I call a peaceful love then we lost it. You left to find your peace and that means for me, chaos.

5. It hurts to know that you feel like we have nothing in common when all you made me feel is otherwise. It pains me so much to hear that you can’t imagine spending the rest of your life with me when that’s all I’ve been preparing myself to – to finally be with you.

6. I dreamed of you getting married with another girl. I woke up crying. It hurts so much to see you with someone else. But I thank God for that dream because somehow He prepared me for this heartbreak. Maybe  it was really time for you to leave and I just have to accept that.

7. You have so many questions and when I thought I found the answer, you simply stared. I just don’t have it, do I? I just really don’t have the things you are looking for…

8. If hearts are made to be broken, then I’d rather not love at all.

9. I want us to stay strong so I keep holding on. You want ME to be strong so you broke my heart. I wanted to be strong so I let you go.

10. Love will leave you when it needs to, no matter how much hurt it will cause you.

So there you go, 10 heartfelt heart broken quotations. I hope you can share your own list of heart broken quotations too.