God Heals Broken Hearts

Sometimes I wonder if it’s true that God heals broken hearts. Sometimes I ask myself why does he allow our hearts to break in the first place? He lets us love and be broken and then heals us. It doesn’t make sense at all.

 In my younger years, I can say that I have a special relationship with the Lord. As a Catholic, I was very active in church – leader in the school choir, lector and commentator. I spend most of my weekends in church, reaching out to people from remote places to celebrate mass with them.

As I grow older however, religious practices became less and more often, I would prefer to have a silent, deep conversation with the Lord. And most of the time too, I know that my faith is really being tested.

I am the type of a person who dwells on problems and can’t easily move on from them. Though I know that I can solve them and eventually will be okay, getting past these trials have been, most of the time, difficult for me.

My heart has been broken for the third time now. The first two has been very difficult. It took me years before I can finally say that my broken heart has already been healed.

Today, as I write this article, I came to realize that indeed, God heals broken hearts. I want to share to you the things I  experienced when I allowed Him to heal my broken heart.

God Heals Broken Hearts

1. When God heals broken hearts, He teaches everyone to just let it all go.

When I was trying to heal myself and no longer wanted to cry, I spend my time dreaming and planning of things I will tell my ex when I bump into him in the future. There are times that I would create in my mind a conversation of apologies, of how are yous, sometimes of expressing my guilt but most of the time of expressing my anger.

When I let God do the healing for me, I stopped all that. I was able to control my anger and just let it all go. There are no longer thoughts of revenge or drama series going on in my mind. I just wish my ex to be happy. I don’t regret anymore.

2. I was able to forgive myself.

This time that I asked God to help me heal my broken heart, I was finally able to forgive myself completely. Whether my ex dumped me or I was the one who did it, there is this feeling of guilt that I always carry in my heart and most of the time I blame myself – for not loving too much, for not being so forgiving, for not giving them another chance, for being unappreciative, practically for everything that made my ex change his mind and eventually changed them, that made them gave up, that made them quit.

3. I was able to find my purpose.

My part of coping up is writing. I write my thoughts, practically about everything. And it feels good to just let it all out. I have always dreamed of having a website of my own where I can write my thoughts and sentiments. And now I was able to have that dream. And it excites me more that I am able to inspire people who are in the same situation as mine. I need to let others know that God heals broken hearts. Now that I found my purpose, there is nothing more that I could ask for.

4. I became appreciative of the blessings I have that I even didn’t ask God.

I became grateful for everything – my family who has always been there to just love me even there were times that I’m not lovable. They became my support group while God heals broken hearts and I’m really proud of them for they did a great job. If it were not so, I would have gotten insane years ago.

5. I no longer fear that much.

And though I couldn’t say that I’m not afraid anymore, I am proud at least to tell myself that yes, I no longer fear things that have a major impact in my life. I don’t fear the unknown, my what ifs, the things beyond what I can see. I am courageous enough to face my fears without expecting someone to protect me, to draw my strength from.

6. I have learned to become independent, self-sufficient and self-reliant.

When my heart was broken for the first time, I welcomed someone thinking that I can heal fast because I’ve found a new love. I let him picked me, dusted me off, and he was able to bring out the best in me. But I became dependent of him. He gave me everything that I became too complacent and too comfortable.

When I lost this good man in my life, I learned that it is not enough to find someone who can give me everything. I need to give back too and more if necessary. I am happy though that I was able to get myself back when I lost him. Now I became the old me, independent, not needing someone to tell me what to do.

 7. I became closer to God, closer than ever, and allowed Him to run my life exactly as He planned.

I have surrendered my life to the Lord and whatever that pleases Him, this time, I won’t doubt it and believe that God heals broken hearts. This time, I trust Him that whatever comes way is for my own good and that these are all part of His plan, for His wonderful plan for me. That I may not be that happy right now, but I know in time that I will be.

 Now I know that indeed, God heals broken hearts. He may let our hearts be broken but had not been so, I would not have realized how it feels to be healed by God, to be loved by Him, to just let Him. God heals broken hearts. It’s time you do the same.