Broken Heart Words

Broken heart words are simply words expressed by a heart broken like me as a part of my healing process. I air out my sentiments and thoughts because if I don’t do it, I’ll go insane.

I’m not the type who would talk to friends for hours about my problem. I want to free them from all this drama. Once or twice is enough. But to constantly bombard them with bitterness and all my negativity is too much. I’d rather be alone, stay in my room, and write my broken heart words.

Here are broken heart words and thoughts that I’ve written over the past weeks. I’m sure there will be some of you who can relate to them and I hope you will find some lessons to pick from here. Thanks for stopping by!

Broken Heart Words

1. I came to the realization that most of my heartaches are made out of the expectation to be loved the way I do. I learned that just because people love in different ways, it doesn’t mean one loves less than the other.

2. And maybe the real problem was, I’ve been too confident that what we had was something beautiful and real. And it somehow confused me as to what I should let go of and what I should get over with. And then it finally came to me, that I have to let go of something so beautiful so I can get over the fact that what we had wasn’t real.

3. I held on for so long because I know in my heart that he is everything I could ever ask for. But he no longer feels the same way. In fact, I was everything he never should have asked for.

4. What breaks my heart is not the thought of not seeing him ever again. I was used to that. We’ve been in a long distance relationship and seeing each other and being together had been a luxury. What breaks me is how easy it was for him to  forget me when I can hardly get him out of my mind.

5. In every breakup, someone has to leave or walk away and someone has to let go. That is given. And we would always associate leaving to quitting, to giving up so easily, to being a coward, to being a jerk, to finding the easy way out and so on.  But leaving – for me is something bold because you become courageous enough to stand up for what you feel is right even if you feel that you might ruin her life forever, that you have to decide to leave even if it breaks her heart and knowing that at the back of your mind, it’s gonna break your heart too.

6. And maybe what really broke my heart is the fact that for me, he is the best I could ever be with but for him, I am someone he is best without.

7. There are a lot of times that I wanted to talk to you, ask you how you’ve been doing. But each time I pick my phone and text you, my last message for you reminds me of my promise never to bother you ever again….

8. You were the one that got away – the one I let go of simply because I was too afraid to take the risk. I’m afraid I’ll have to miss you my entire life…

9. It’s not really the truth that I lost you, it’s the memories that knock the wind out of me.

10. A part of me will always be waiting for you. I hope we can still meet someday. I hope you are not mad at me by then. Until then, I’m just here, waiting for that someday…

11. I have this weird thinking that our hearts is like a piñata, it needs to be broken so that others get the treat.

12. I am not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of not living. And that’s how I felt, since you left, not caring whether I live or not.

13. I loved too much that I lost myself. Now I’m trying to find myself back again…

14. He is the only one who made me feel so important. I was loved. I was loved so much. And nothing hurts so much  than to be told, “it’s over” by the one who made you believe that he will never ever leave.

15. What hurt me the most is to walk away from you and this time, you didn’t stop me…

So there you go, some broken heart words that I hope will touch your lives. There are broken heart words that really  need to be expressed. I hope you find them worth reading. :)