Broken Heart Love Story

All I can do now is look back and wonder what went wrong, what the problem really was, why our relationship came to  a point of breaking up, why he finally gave up. This is how I tell my broken heart love story after a year of being heart broken.

In our 5 years of being together, I was the one who always wanted to call it quits each time we have a major argument. He would always get mad at me for this, asking me, is this really the solution to our problem? Do you think walking away will solve anything?

I got used to this kind of love. I was pampered. I was the immature one. I whine.  And maybe that was the problem really, I got used to having him at my side, protecting me from everything – which was something new to me. It was heaven. It was something I never felt in all my relationships because I am the giver. I take charge of everything.

And when I met him, everything suddenly changed and I got used to it. He has been very thoughtful. He is not the sweet, touchy, huggy, kissing you always type of guy. But he is very thoughtful. He is really mindful of my  needs, even my wants. Even the things you don’t ask him to give it to me. I was so surprised and feel blessed at the same time to have him in my life.

I got too comfortable to notice that he was growing tired of giving for he felt that what I am capable of giving isn’t enough. Did I take for him granted ? Maybe. In a way. He felt he wasn’t my priority. Or maybe that was how I made him feel.

And when he said he was tired, he simply just stopped. It was the end of it. And my heart was torn and God knows how much it hurts to have this one kind of love that I never felt before and be taken away from me because he grew tired of loving me…