Broken Heart Healing

Breakups suck. That’s the truth. The roller coaster ride, the mixed emotions that you feel, these are only a few that you have to go through. And more than that, the thought of being alone after being left behind is something that not everyone can move on from as fast as they wanted to. Broken heart healing seems impossible.

Getting past the pain can never be easy but if you are serious about making conscious efforts so that you can get over your ex the soonest, then this article is for you. Read below some tips on broken heart healing.

Broken Heart Healing Tips

  • The first thing to do is to accept and face the pain. You can never move forward by running away from it. You just really have to embrace the pain. Accept it. Endure it.
  • There will be times when you are tempted to text him or message him just to update him with what’s going on in your life. Think twice before picking up your phone. You can’t move on like this. You need to break those habits.
  • Sometimes, you feel like saving the relationship and you don’t care anymore if you become so desperate and pathetic. When things like this start to bother you, remember that your relationship with yourself is the only relationship that is worth saving now. Not your relationship with him because it is over. Accept that your relationship is over.
  • When you think about the past and your memories together, you can’t help but remember the fights that you had and you start feeling guilty about all those. If only you were a little nicer, a little more forgiving, a little more considerate, a little more kind etc. Let go of yourself of this guilt and forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself is more  important than asking for his forgiveness. If he can’t forgive you right away. He will in time.
  • Grief is something that everybody goes through in times of loss. It is not a place in which to dwell or wallow. You just really have to set one foot forward that is one step closer to broken heart healing.
  • Don’t dwell on the negative and just try to do things that you know will make you feel better. You might want to check on your bucket list and now is the perfect time to do all the crazy stuff you want to do. When you keep yourself busy, you will have less time to think of all the bad memories you had with your ex.
  • In broken heart healing, you simply just need to put into words and express yourself of your sadness and grief and all your anger and bitterness. Sometimes, you just really have to let it all out to free yourself from the hurt.
  • This may sound so absurd right now but you really have to learn to trust once again. You need to learn to take the risk once again, maybe not now but soon. You should not let one bad relationship ruin your faith in love.

Someone out there is waiting for you. You just really have to go through the process of broken heart healing and know that everything gets well in time.