Broken Heart Love Poem

This broken heart love poem describes my thoughts when my ex left me. I surely won’t forget him for he is the reason why I am able to stand on my own now. He became the source of my strength for a long time and when he left me, I thought I would die. I proved myself wrong. He wasn’t the source of my strength. I have it in me, hidden, trapped from his love.And when he walked away, I discovered my own strength. So I’m not afraid anymore. I can now face the world with my head up. There is one thing I’m very afraid of though. I’m not sure if I will be able to love again. I’m not sure if one day, I can say that yes, I’m ready to fall in love again.But for now, I’m thankful. Thank YOU for leaving me. Thank you for making me feel that I am strong even without you.

I am not afraid of anything

To whatever it is this love would bring

I am not afraid to love you

I am not afraid if you don’t love me too

I just love with you with all my heart

I don’t care of the distance that keeps us apart

I will love you despite the curse

I will love you until it hurts

You chose to break my heart

You made my world fall apart

If this is what is meant to be

I will accept what will become of me

I am  not afraid of losing you

I am not afraid to live without you

Now I lost you I lost everything

Now I’m afraid of only one thing

I’m afraid I can never love again

I’m afraid of all the hurt and pain

I’m afraid my heart can’t cope

I’m afraid I lost all hope…