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Thank You For Believing In Me

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Thank you, not only for accepting me for who I am but also for believing in me that I can be who I dream to be.

This love quote is dedicated to my special someone who I can’t thank enough for all the support he has given me. I met him at a time when I disowned myself.

There were times when I doubted myself because of problems that burdened me for quite a long time. I had lost hope in believing again and striving hard for me to move on out of the dark. At that time, I have certainly my sense of living and would want to hide in my shell for the rest of my life.

But God really has His own ways of lifting me up. You came in to my life and since then, you have been my shelter from any storm. You have managed to make me smile and happy all over again. Your kind words have always been my inspiration to do better in my life now. You are not judgmental. You certainly believe in my capacities and did everything to use these to make me better. I have not come to realize that not until now. I am deeply grateful to you and to God that He gave such an angel like you. IF not for you, I would have not dreamed again. If not for you, I would have forgotten everything good about me. You are my greatest supporter and my biggest strength.

Now, I am dreaming bigger. And this time, I make sure that I not only achieve those dreams but also that you are in it. I cannot imagine my life without you anymore. We strive because we want a good future together out from the dark past I’ve been into. I hope that God will continue to guide us along the way. Again, thank you for accepting who I am and for constantly loving me.

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