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    Aries Caliboso

    dn bhe

  2. 3

    Miscxzreal Qouh

    Relate Ng Sobra :))))).

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    Angging Poderanan

    omg.. napanganga ako sa lahat ng quotes hahai.

  4. 5

    Pauline Bianca Pineda Pasuengos

    so gandaa talaga! thank u sa mga meaningful and truth quotes.

  5. 6

    Jenine Legaspi

    this is awesome though so heartbreaking because its true.. :'(

  6. 8

    Annaliza Tubo Tuason

    That's what happen to me and my bf.bsta naa LNG mu trust strong gd n.u Relationship evn though your to far…

  7. 10

    RhiiaLyn Luyan Castro

    ReLaiteMuch.@Moo Art Alegria :(): iLoveyouuSoMuch ♥.

  8. 11

    Rowell Escalera Ladao

    aku napatuwad

  9. 12

    Tracy Sandra Chamunorwa

    Awsum! Distance z nothin fo sure.

  10. 13

    Kathlene Miyuki

    relate much.. I miss him super!

  11. 16

    Precious Love Singuran

    relate :( Long Distance Relationship :'(

  12. 17


    saan galing mga quotes dito? Yung #7 kasi galing sa story ko sa wattpad. Di ko alam kung coincidence or kinuha talaga dun sa linya ko? HAHA.

  13. 18

    Stainless Pen

    saan galing mga quotes dito? Yung no. 7 kasi galing sa story ko sa wattpad. Di ko alam kung coincidence or kinuha talaga dun sa linya ko? HAHA

  14. 20

    Cherry Grace Lota

    LDR Hayyyssss… but remember guys.. Don't make someone your EVERYTHING because if they're gone You've got NOTHING.

  15. 21
  16. 23

    Anivz Motin Bagaan

    relate din ako..

  17. 24

    Jayvee XaLai Garcia

    relate much..:) i love u so much my gf…<3

  18. 25

    Jeff Diesel

    Really i love all the quotes and for real i want a distance love now.Lol hahahaa

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    Dhonmars Sy


  20. 29

    Naifah Mutia Maruhom Abbas

    relate much 😀

  21. 30

    Jane Panes

    SUPER RELATE! I'm in a Long Distance Relationship too… It's so hard but if Your partner really means a lot to you, You can do everything just to show how much you loved your partner. Care, Love, Trust, Honesty, Loyalty to each other and have faith to God can make the relationship stronger. :) #BABYLOVESKO

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    Lorra Mae Andama

    Maka relate ang lahat ng quotes kc I'm in lonvg distance relationship also its so hard but I need to be stonger
    The most important things I could do to our relationship make stonger are to have a trust,,loyalty and most of all loving
    Hehehehehehe maypinanghuhhgutan lng

  23. 32

    Jenny Adoptante

    Nice one..all are related for me im in a long distance relationship too..thanks

  24. 33

    Generoza Yato

    Hahaha agree talaga aq ky stainless pen:) I doubt if it is a coincidence its really a copy cut:)

  25. 34

    Mayie Chavez Achazo

    well, we can really survive LDR if we know our obligations and limitations….

  26. 35

    Chini Sarkar

    Thnx 4 d ldr 2 mch of strngth

  27. 36
  28. 37

    Dindin Calo Medran


  29. 38

    Glomarlyn Ibero

    relate much!!! kac hindi nman emportanti kong magkasama kau araw2x ang importante ay khit malayo kau s isat isa ay nandoon ang pagtitiwala sa isat isa at ang pagmamahal nyo sa isat isa….at wag magdududa masyado…

  30. 39

    Mariechriss Gonzales Santillan

    Relate ;(

  31. 40

    Carey Lea Volz

    I am so glad I found this site…my bf is deployed for 3 years so we are embarking on a journey that make us such a strong couple with a solid relationship.

  32. 41

    Marjolyn Laurencio

    nakaka relate talaga…hahaixt

  33. 42

    Joniver Austria

    Super relate ako sa lahat ng in the LDR din mahirap.peru ganun talaga pag love mo ang isang matter what the distance is just stay strong.and also dapat may cumonacation kau evry day.i love u mahal ko…wer same sex.

  34. 43

    John Ronel

    namimis ko na nah talaga sya..!!! ang hirap ng LDR..!!!!

  35. 44

    Lee Michael Servito Silva

    panu na long distance pro nakipag hiwalay.. sakit!!

  36. 46

    Gio Gonzales Barrera

    HAi. Inspiring

  37. 47

    Ian Lesther Rosario

    talagang nakaka inspired.. sa halip na susuko sa isang LDR, ipapatuluy parin dahil sa mga quotes na mga nabasa ko..

  38. 49

    Jhun Francisco

    So inspiring…

  39. 50

    Daniella Terry

    I must admit, this caster dr.marnish is real. i called dr.marnish +15036626930 when my boyfriend departed from me. but since my boyfriend came back I definitely believe is real
    Daniella Terry

  40. 51

    Rozele Andaya Capinpin

    it is not easy one a kind of LDR but i accept it for my own easy daily life….so far….thanks for inspiring quotes…love it….

  41. 53

    Marry Grace C. Sangeles

    yeaahh relate much!!
    i love you baby kahit "LDR" tayo <3

  42. 54

    Ramon Bernad

    for long distance relationship I rather smile the miles..:)

  43. 55


    long distance relationship… it is not really for the weak hearts.. you have to be strong and bold if you are committed to work things out together. my love, someday, I know we will be together.. love you much..

  44. 56

    Darryl M. Masaglang

    suPeR ReLaTe diin ako dahiL iM LOng distance TaLaGa so"!! vERy sTeeL im daVao buT mY mY gF mY PLace maiNiLa QuezOn'! CiTy hindi TaLaga ako mag giVe dahiL inLove ako so reLate kNa yuNG Nka Raan" sa aming Dalawa "! So im sTEeL :'( BUT RELaTionship So veRy INlOVE My Gel BF HinDi kQo TaLaga kYa :'( promise kQo ako Lng habang buHay saYO"! saYo dBa promise mo nMan ako Lng so promise diN ako saYo ikaw LNG wLang iba"! :) huwag mo akong ipagpaliT dahiL dinanas Ko ang saKiT kahiT maLaYo kQapha mahaL kiTa :) <3

  45. 57

    Dexter Jade Muring

    nice grammar haha xD ! :)

  46. 58

    Danica Shane Anonuevo

    Grabe! Super relate ako.. Ldr din kami.. 1 yr and 2months na bukas.. its really hard. Sobra.. But all you hve to do is to wait. :)

  47. 59

    Egvhoy Malicdem de Guzman

    Relate much! All we have to do is to wait! <3

  48. 60

    Shashank Chandra Sharma

    all quotes are awesum… Actually i"m in a long very long distance relationship.
    Bt our love is just sooooooooo cute.

  49. 61

    Sherilyn Tomas

    Super nice love qoutes!
    Relate much •••

  50. 63

    Laurente Clavio

    This article is great. I also have seen this other device on the market that took my breath away. Check it out here.

  51. 64

    Judenie Capunay

    Nakakainspired…Pero nakakalungkot kasi while your reading..your thing king of him :(

  52. 65

    Kate Morales Asuncion

    me too, Im in Long distance relationship,

    relate much po ako, so inspired!

  53. 66

    Paul Ocharan Riel

    wala po b ung para sa short distance relationship?

  54. 67

    Khalifa Sittie Naida

    grabe relate much ako s quotes..LDR din kmi,sobrng hirap minsn gusto ko na sumuko pero xa..pinapatatag nya ako,ang relasyon nmin..sana dumting n ung arw n mgksma n kmi ulit :'(

  55. 68

    Zaida Marie Vosotros Baguinon

    Relate ♥

  56. 69

    Chhetri NY Nila

    jst love al these quotes <3

  57. 71

    Mark Reyes

    inspiring, just be strong and hold on, trust each other is the key in a lond distance relationship, no matter what boundaries love will find its way, love knows NO boundaries. iloveyou Dwi Alamsyah

  58. 72

    JackyLeen Christine Pontioso

    Love it

  59. 73

    Karam Bajwa

    I'll hold you in my heart till I can I hold you in my arms :(

  60. 74

    Vera Morgan

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    Patrick Steen

    perspective is relative…distance is real …and patience can be hard to find. The commodities of life are not things found or given, but rather worked for. if its true it will find you, if not you will know.

  62. 78

    Mateo Abad Yeskie

    I'm to it's so hard i just want to see her

  63. 79

    Leslie Sato Candido

    yes too much true i relate also

  64. 80

    Sachin Tiwari

    yes it'sreally to hard live without her i just want to be with her wright now any how…

  65. 81

    Missy Ellehcim

    Grabe…touch aq.. miss na kta bby q..

  66. 84

    Hayam Py Duagirreble

    Missing him so much..:(

  67. 85

    Meisha Uli Oracion

    I miss him so much:(
    Lisora bya aning LDR ui… :(

  68. 86


    Yes thank god its true LDR mahirap pro Masaya :) Lalo na pag long Last :)

  69. 87

    kevin balida

    Yes ! that’s true… I relate, coz i’m in a long distance relationship.

  70. 88


    reLate much !

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